Friday, 28 December 2012

A Very Merry Time

Hello! How's everyone's Christmas been? I spent the holidays in Wigan with family and friends and had an amazing time! I can't believe how fast its gone and how much I've eaten; healthy eating and exercise definitely starts on Monday!
What's really great about spending time in the north is doing absolutely nothing and getting to lie in almost everyday with my lovely boyfriend. It's been such a treat going on lunch dates with my mum, taking long walks and seeing old friends; I'm already looking forward to heading back up north in February. 
Today my outfit post is from Christmas, every year my mum buys me a dress and Its always been tradition to wear it on the day. This A/W I've fallen in love with tapestry dresses and this ones from River Island; it looks perfect with black tights but can easily be worn in the summer with bare legs and sandals. The oxblood tassel loafers was this year's Christmas present from Matt, they're from Tod's and I've been lusting over them for months! I would never have asked for them so it was a big surprise when Matt handed me the box just before we headed up North; he seriously buys the best presents ever! I can imagine wearing these shoes in years to come, they're so classic and go with absolutely everything. I finished the outfit off with my burnt orange shopper bag from Prada which I got a couple of years ago from the Selfridges sales.
What did you wear on Christmas day? The ASOS blog actually did a blog about the 'Perfect 5 Christmas day dresses' and out of the five dresses, two of them were my designs; the Amber Tartan dress and one of my designs for Sketchstreet! If any of you did end up wearing Mod Dolly, I'd love to see some pictures!

With the year coming to an end, its nice to contemplate about all the amazing things that have happened in 2012. My blog and shop have grown so much, I've met so many new friends and my relationship just gets better and better. In the new year I'm looking forward to decorating my studio, organising my working life and getting stuck in to some very exciting collaborations with Mod Dolly. I've not decided on my new years resolutions just yet but I've been thinking about some that I can really stick to, for example a healthy lifestyle. While having so much time on my hands I thought about doing a healthy lifestyle type blog post with a new year diet plan and simple exercises that anyone can do. If I have some time to take some pictures I'll have it up on new years day! It'll be a sort of lifestyle diet for the busy fashionista.... hmmm I see a regular feature coming on!

**The Christmas SALES have started at Mod Dolly with up to 60% off so check them out if you have a minute!**

Thanks for reading lovelies!



  1. Beautiful dress!
    I was looking at the sale items, I am tempted! I'll let you know once I get back to the UK :)

  2. Lovely photos Amy, the shoes are just stunning. Looking so pretty <3
    All my love for 2013


  3. The dress is so adorable, and I love how you paired it with the new loafers. They look amazing! I hope you have great holidays.

  4. That dress!! You look absolutely stunning x

  5. I love that dress you are so gorgeous!

  6. Such a pretty outfit :)
    Gorgeous lady x

  7. you look lovely ** I love the dress **

  8. I love this dress and your loafers :)
    Laura x